How to Win at Heads Up Poker When Playing Online

I am somebody who loves to play online poker. It is more about the enjoyment and the relaxation than about attempting to gain financially. It goes without saying that it is always good to win and if you can make some money from playing a game that you enjoy then it’s a massive bonus. I personally like to play on a table where there are only a total of five players with the first two players receiving a pay out. I aim to play very tight in the early stages as I am eager to reach the final heads up. If I can get into the final two I feel that I have a seventy percent chance of winning the tournament as I then change my poker strategy from playing tight to playing aggressively.

I am by no means a professional poker player; in my business life I run a web promotion company and I also help people who offer bargain holiday deals. As a side line to these main business interests I am also involved in the DVD authoring sector.

I used to be a very poor “heads up” player as I would often get bullied out of the majority of the hands. I realised that I had to learn a new way of playing in the final stage of a poker tournament as what I was currently doing was not working.

I soon learned that I needed to be the aggressor, the poker bully if you like. Instead of folding the majority of hands I now play, on average, ninety-five percent of them. I raise the pot with any ace, king, queen or Jack and raise all in with any two picture cards or when I am dealt an ace with a picture card.

By doing this I win a lot of the pots by default and if the other player chooses to call I believe I have a great chance of winning the hand. You should never show any form of weakness by only putting a small amount of chips in as this could lead to a multitude of problems. Make it easy on yourself and your brain by being decisive early on. You will lose from time to time, that has to be expected, but by playing in this way has enabled me to win 70% of the heads up games that I have played in the last three months. I hope these tips work as well for you as they have for me.