Slot Machines – Terminology

Coin: A coin is a term that refers to the actual credits you place into the slot machines you play at. It might not refer to a physical coin. A coin value is a value such as a penny or a dollar which is the increment amount that you can bet in per spin. When you bet more than one coin, you multiply the coin value by the number of coins you are betting in order to obtain the total figure for the amount you are betting on that particular spin.

Reel: A reel is one of the vertical columns on a slot machine. Each reel spins when you spin the slot machine, stopping on one of the random symbols that are actually present on the reel. A conventional slot machine has three reels, while modern video slot machines usually have at least five. Some slot machines have seven and even nine reels, although these are mostly found in the online world.

Pay Line: A pay line is the pathway that symbols take when deciding if you have won the spin or not. In order for you to win on a particular spin, you need to have a winning combination of symbols running along one of the pay lines of the slot machine. A conventional three reel slot machine will usually only have one pay line, although modern video slot machines tend to have twenty or more pay lines. Extra pay lines are activated when you wager an additional number of coins per spin.

Free Slots: Many people consider this term an oxymoron, but it is anything but! Free slots are widely available across the internet and you can play free slots at almost any online casino that is currently in existence. True free slots have the exact same programming code as paid slots, but use fake credits instead of real money. In most cases, they are there to allow you to try out the slot machines without putting any of your own money at risk to do so.