Cash 6 Lottery – Is It Time To Change Your Strategy?

Is winning on the pick 6 lottery just luck? Is it worth taking the time to pick your own numbers? Are there any proven strategies that can be used? These are questions that the majority of pick 6 lottery players have asked themselves at some point, and are some of those which are answered in the below list of tips…

Tip #1 – Go For A Mixed Selection

One of the most important tips to win in the lottery, it is to make your lotto combinations as mixed as possible. Studies have shown that the majority of winning lotto numbers tend to be mixed i.e. they are made up of a range of different types of numbers.

For example, winning lottery combinations normally have a mixture of odd and even numbers and a mixture of low and high numbers. So, to maximize your odds of winning, you should not simply pick the same type of numbers i.e. all high, all odd, etc.

Tip #2 – Do It Yourself

Remember that quick picks are the numbers that the computer selects for you to play. If you play this way, you have no control over what is selected. With not controlling what is selected, you have no control over what is being played.

The point here is that you want to stay in control if you are going to be a successful lottery player. Now, you won’t have complete control, but you want to maintain as much control as possible. If you want to have the most control that is possible, select your own numbers to play the pick 6.

Tip #3 – Avoid Using Computer Generated Numbers

Computer programs that randomly generate lottery numbers for you are pointless, in the same way that quick picks are. They pay absolutely no attention to what has happened in previous lottery draws and do not take into account which numbers are overdue to be drawn.

So, stop being lazy and stop thinking that the numbers that are selected are better when the computer picks them. This is not the case and you are minimizing your chances to win.

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