Rakeback Specialist Launches Poker Wiki with great Cash Rewards for All Contributors

RakeTheRake, who are one of the leaders in poker rakeback has announced the launch of it’s new Poker Wiki, which it hopes will become huge on the Web.   RakeTheRake developed the Poker Wiki in order to assist the ever growing numbers of poker players who source and share information about the online poker phenomenon, its celebrities, tournament events and game types.

The idea is to offer existing and novice online poker players definitions and tips on poker strategy, types of poker game, poker resources and playing terminology.  As with any good Wiki, the more the audience contributes, then the greater the pot of knowledge will become.

RakeTheRake are offering to pay 50 US Dollars straight into the RakeTheRake account of the top ten players who contribute the most, therefore encouraging participation in the Poker Wiki.   All entries must be original works by the author and the author must have a RakeTheRake account set up in order to receive the prize money.

RakeTheRake is now asking poker experts and online poker players to visit its Wiki to add their own knowledge, whether it is self promotion of their playing abilities, or little pointers into game strategy.  It is hoped that RakeTheRake’s Poker Wiki will gradually become a really useful online resource for all levels of poker players and all contributions will be gladly received.

What an absolutely fantastic way of keeping in touch with people who enjoy what you do and also learning all there is to know about the games you love to play.   You can write about all the games you love to join in with – be it Online Poker, Party Poker and of course PKR Poker.   Go on what have you got to lose.  In this instance absolutely nothing, after all you could end up actually adding to your account.  What an easy way to potentially earn yourself 50 US Dollars, just by simply keeping in touch about something you love.