Winning Roulette Strategies: Great Secrets Explained

When it comes to winning at the game of roulette, there’s a single golden rule to remember. The most important thing to remember is that ultimately the odds are always in favor of the casino. The fall of the die, the roll of the wheel – it all comes down to chance, and chance isn’t something which can be guaranteed. But as long as you are modest, and don’t seek to make a fortune, then there are ways of playing roulette which can see a worthwhile return.

To start with, it is vital to know that roulette can be played in two different ways. In America roulette is often played on a different board to Europe’s traditional layout. The small discrepancy between the European and American versions is easy to shrug off, but in the long term can seriously affect your chances. Ignoring this small difference can have drastic consequences. Both versions of the game have the numbers 1 to 36 included, plus the green zero. The European roulette has only one zero, but this is doubled for America’s alternative. Many strategies ignore the double zero, and this can really lower your odds.

The Martingale system is one of the most well known techniques of playing roulette. Tried by a large number of players, it’s proved successful on many occasions. But there is a difference between producing winnings, and producing wealth. But knowing about roulette systems allows you to adapt your play, and try different methods out to maximise the chance of you taking home some winnings.

To begin Martingale’s strategy, you could place a single wager on red. If you win, you’ll receive your stake back, plus another dollar. Not a bad start if you do win on the first round! But what happens if you don’t win? Martingale’s method would require you to repeat your bet, but doubling the amount wagered. Winning this round would mean you would end up $1 above your original balance. Otherwise, you keep on doubling. The Martingale method relies upon the statistic that states seven lost wagers in a row is likely just two percent of the time, so you have an increased possibility of succeeding.

This technique recommends doubling your bet whenever you lose. When you win, you start again, with just a one dollar bet. With this technique, you end up making a dollar per minute. The principle is the same regardless of your basic stake, which might be $10 rather than $1.

However, while this system may work in the short term, over the long term even a 2% chance of an eighth consecutive loss or an even smaller chance of a ninth will happen. Statistically, bad luck must happen as often as good luck! When this occurs, you might not be able to financially withstand it. Even if you do, the wager might exceed the allowed maximum, preventing you from increasing it.

The Martingale system can be useful for the short term. The flaws appear when the system is used for a longer duration. Winning in the beginning gives the payers a heady feeling of success which makes them continue playing. Greed is a terrible thing, and through failing to be happy with modest wins, gamblers continue using strategies for too long. Through misplaced faith and greed too many people gamble for too long, losing any early winnings. Being happy with modest wins is how to win at roulette.

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