Slot Machines in Europe

Slot machines in Europe are quite a bit different from slot machines elsewhere around the world. One of the wonderful things to look at when considering slot machines in Europe is actually the diversity. While Europe does import many of their slot machines from other places in the world, there are a fair number of Europe-based slot machine manufacturers that create the different slot machines for casinos in places like Britain, France and Germany. These slot machines all have a local flair to them which makes them very distinct from their counterparts in places like the United States of America.

Another thing to keep in mind about slot machines in Europe is that a number of them have better payout percentages than their counterparts across the Atlantic Ocean. If you want something to liken it to in a comparative sense, think about the game of roulette. The American version of the game has zero and double zero, giving the house a 38-to-36 advantage. The European version of the game just has zero however and therefore the house only has a 37-to-36 advantage. The slot advantages are not as quantifiable in an easy way, but suffice it to say that European slot machines will give you back more for each dollar than American slot machines.

Finally, when it comes to the rest of the slot machines that are on the internet rather than in offline casinos, Europe really was the pioneer behind the free slots concept. While most of the machines you play online when you play free slots at an online casino are no longer based in Europe, they were based there at one point in time. There are still many online casinos based in Europe and there are still many free slots being churned out of European based online casinos. The history of free slots does start in Europe however, so keep that in mind when you are feeling grateful that free online slot machines exist.