Basic Guide to the Concept of European Roulette

You have to know that roulette comes in two forms—the European and American roulette. Generally, there is little need to go through the differences between the two because apart the thing that European roulette has single zero and American roulette has double zero, there are no major differences.

In spite of this difference, the two games are really played in virtually the same way. They also follow the same rules except for the fact that the odds or house advantages are different (2.7% for the European roulette and 5.7% for the American. The only difference is the house edge and number zeroes but the payouts and table layouts are virtually the same in both. While the only distinguishing factor between American and European roulette is te number of 0’s, this is said to be the defining difference. Most people find European roullette better because it is virtually an exact adaptation of the original French roulette.

An Overview of European Roulette Rules:

The general rules of the game are as follows:

• The house edge is 2.6%

• The wager can be on 0 and numbers 1-36 in this single-zero game

• The outside bets pay out 1-1 and 2-1

• The inside bets pay out from 5-1 and may pay out up to 35-1 Guide in Playing Online European Roulette:

• Check out an Online Casino and Play – This is the initial move for you to do, to visit a reliable site that has a platform for European roulette players.

• Pick Your Chip or Stake – This is when you would have to decide whether you would be playing for free or you would be playing using a real money account. Taking into consideration that you are playing for free, use the chips that would allow you to assign an amount of your wager. Other machines would request for you to hit the “bet now” button before you can choose the chip, but other machines would just request for you to choose your stake.

• Put Your Wager – Now is the time to be placing your wager. Simply situate your mouse on the betting field that you have chosen on the table. The chosen field becomes highlighted and the equivalent payouts are shown sometimes. Place your bet by simply clicking on it.

• Turn the wheel – This is the final step and you only have to click SPIN to start the wheel turning. Watch it go and as it comes to rest, you’ll find out if you’ve won or not.