Wauwbet closed, will punters get their own money?


This is Gert Gambell from gertgambell.net and I tell you for free how to win – and never loose on sports betting. You either win 2-10% or win your stake back using my method, which is free on my site. I also tell a new way to speed up withdrawals, because when you win you need the money for new stakes else where. And the most important, bookmaker problems and which bookmakers to use.

I have never recommended wauwbet because they was to small and to risky. But for my readers, I tested as I test a lot, those who only fail is not mentioned, the worst and the best bookies are reported.

Wauwbet had a good bonus, which I took and good odds. I won there – well I never loose but for sure try to move over winnings from bookmakers to betting exchanges with my loose without loosing method to loose at the bookie and win at the exchange described at my site – and my stakes was quickly limited. At least I was allowed to bet and win some more.

Looking back it would have been better if they just kicked me out, as a loot of bookies had and do with all winners (read more at my site). Because a day when I should make a bet with wauwbet, I could not log into my site and my own money.

Site was closed and replaced with a short page:


Wauw Gaming Closed

Dear Wauw user,

For a while we’ve known that we’d need more invested capital into our company in order to reach Break Even on our current activities. Unfortunately we haven’t succeeded in raising the necessary investor capital, and thus we’ve decided to close down our business.

The total amount due to our customers, meaning also your balance/funds if relevant, are to a large extend secured via the demand by the Maltese Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) for separation of company funds and customer/user funds. Some of these funds are kept as reserves at 3rd parties for up to 9 months though and thus we’re not able to pay everybody’s full balance straight away.

We’ll cooperate fully with the LGA in order to try and find a solution securing that everybody will have their funds paid as soon as possible. We’ll give further information on the homepage and by email when relevant.

We’re very sorry for the inconveniences brought on you by this, but hope you’ll understand that we’re doing everything possible in order to try and satisfy all involved parties in this difficult situation.

Kind regards,
Wauw Gaming


My money was on my account with wauwbet, my property. Just stolen before my eyes. A complaint to Malta gaming board is not even answered a week after. Malta is a safe heaven for small bookmakers that can not start in England.

I am not unknown in sports betting and have a lot of followers who bet and win. When I confronted wauwbet and asked for my money back I got the answer that they should close the business anyway and the usual promises that all will get their money back some day in the future…

In conclusion, it was expensive to save my readers from wauwbet. I am so glad I never recommended wauwbet.

If you shall start winning on sportsbetting, either my method and the ways most pros do (bet on odds that are to high, it always pays in long term, but require a lot more skill and do not pay more), read my pages on bookmakers and my page how to get a bad bookmaker to pay.

Happy winning from Gert Gambell

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