2010 NBA Finals For Celtics And Lakers

There are two big names today for the NBA (National Basketball Association) namely the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics. In 1987, these two teams have met in the Finals for the first time. They meet again for a face off in the NBA Finals this 2010. This would be the 12th time that these two teams have met for the championship.

Many basketball fans have watched the games over the years and tracked some memorable highlights. Paul Pierce had a knee injury earlier in Game 1 during the 2008 playoffs. Many thought that the their wasn’t a real injury because he was able to come back few minutes after being carried off the court. Many thought that the injury was faked so that he could help his team win. The Celtics won over the Lakers by 108- 102. Kobe Bryant, the known MVP of the L.A. Lakers scored 11 point during the first quarter in Game 6. The Boston Celtics made a lead of 43 points few minutes remaining in the game during the second half. This was the Celtics’ 17th Championship winning by 131-92. Paul Pierce was named MVP of the game series and Ray Allen had the record for the most 3- point shots made in the NBA Finals. This 39- point lead of 2008 was the largest lead in the history of the NBA Finals.

In this year’s NBA Championship, the Lakers have the home- court advantage. They hold the home- court advantage because they had a better game season record than the Celtics. Indeed this game will be the hardest in this season. The Los Angeles Lakers are currently defending for the championship after winning over the Orlando Magic by 4- 1 in the NBA Finals of 2009. This year’s game is the championship series for the 2009- 2010 season.

Sport Picks for basketball events and playoffs shouldn’t be that hard once you’ve gained some knowledge about the game and its history and trends.

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