Who Runs The UK Lottery?

Did it every come to your mind that who is the owner of UK lottery? Such great deals of funds are invested in this business, that it is very natural to think that the owners of the UK lottery must be extremely rich. The UK lottery is actually possessed by several stockholders, which means that the profit earned is equally distributed amongst the stockholders who help in getting the company funded.

The UK lottery is at present under the control of a company called Camelot. They administer the various kinds of sponsorships and expenses. They also make certain that things run smoothly. Camelot became the supervisor in 2001 after they won the franchise for it. The bid happens in every eight years, and The National Lottery Commission awards the UK lottery rights to a particular company.

However, the National Lottery Commission is responsible to look after the running of Camelot. It also is not responsible for any of the winnings. The commission was recognized so that the lottery players can all be treated justly. This commission is not related to the British government and consists of a staff of nearly 50 people. Their headquarters is located in Watford, though most of the staff is from London.

To help with the changing of the license to a new owner, the National Lottery Commission is made up of five directors: Licensing, Resources, Compliance, the Project Team, and Performance and Communications. The members are appointed by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport. They also appoint the Chief Executive and make decisions about the lottery and licenses.

The Commission also looks after grievances that weren’t suitably handled by the company who has the UK lottery franchise. They confirm that no one below age participates in the game, and that players are not greatly spending on this. The Commission also supervises several things undertaken by Camelot, however they don’t interfere much into the coordination or operation of the game. The commission is also responsible to ensure that the fund is allocated correctly.

Wealth collected from the lottery is divided between the award and diverse good causes. A part of the fund directly goes to the UK government, the people who sell lottery, suppliers of lottery cards or tickets. A part of it also goes as Camelot’s profit. Parliament has set that 28p per pound, should go for some welfare cause. Many people see this as a type of stealth tax; however this goes to maintain the Big Lottery money. A part of the fund raised by Dream Number lottery is kept for the Olympics and Paralympics of 2012.

As per the standards established by the Commission, the players have to be more than 16 to participate. Camelot takes part in both scratch cards game as well as the number matching ones. Lotto however is the most popular of all the games. Players who want to participate in the ‘pick-the-number’ games can try it on either Wednesdays or Saturdays. The Daily Play takes place every day of the week with the exception of Sundays. Those who wish to have large jackpots, they can opt for the EuroMillion. It has a rolling jackpot, which covers every part of Europe.

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