Slot Machine Odds

Understanding slot machine odds is integral to being a good slot player, regardless of whether your primary playing field is the free slots section of the online casino you favor or alternatively the high stakes slot machines that all online casinos have. Even if you play free slots therefore, understanding slot machine odds is a good idea if for no other reason than to understand exactly how slot machines work.

The average slot machine payout on the internet is in the range of 85% to 95%. That range can not really be lowered down any further for the simple reason that slot machine odds are variable enough that a simple average is not really a useful number. However, when you take a look at individual slot machines, the picture becomes a lot clearer to most people.

Penny slot machines tend to have the highest payout percentage of any slot machine on the internet, with a payout average of 95%. This means that the odds against you when you play slot machines is about 100 to 95 and that means that for every dollar you put into the slot machine, on average you will get 95 cents back. This is of course not a universal number, but it is an average that you can keep in mind when taking a look at individual slot machines from individual online casinos.

Nickel slots rank in just below penny slots with a payout percentage in the 92% range, while dime slots are in below nickel slots with a payout percentage of around 90%. Quarter slots have a payout percentage of 88%, while slot machines that are dollar or higher slot machines tend to have the worst payout percentages at 85%. These are once again just general average figures as it is important to keep in mind that slot machine odds will vary greatly between different machines and different casinos.

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