Slot Machine Betting Types

One of the fundamental concerns of most slot machine players has to do with the different betting types that slot machines have. Even free slots actually have different betting types that you can use over the course of a particular gaming session and that is why even if you play free slots, you need to be aware of what you are getting yourself into.

Every slot machine has the most basic betting type and this is the betting type that sees you bet a particular amount based on the coin value you are playing with and then in return for that you can get a winning combination along the horizontal centre pay line and win some money based on getting that combination. Conventional slot machines as well as every slot machine to follow have this particular betting type. Another betting type that all slot machines have is known as the accumulation betting type and this is a betting type in which you leverage extra coins in order to get better odds when you play the slot machine. Most conventional slot machines allow you to use the basic betting type with one coin per spin or to accumulate on two or maximum three coins per spin in order to increase your overall odds.

In the new age of casino gaming however, these are not the only betting types displayed by slot machines. Video slot machines in fact have another betting type known as the pay line betting type and when you play with this betting type, you can bet additional coins not only to increase your odds with the slot machine, but also to increase the number of ways in which you can win. Typically, you need to bet an additional 5-10 coins in order to get the extra pay lines and for this reason it is not uncommon to see something like a 30 pay line video slot machine in which the maximum coins per spin is 300.

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