Poker Players Admit Addiction, But Continue Playing Poker At Home

It has been a policy over recent years for casinos in America as well as around the world to liaise with gambling addiction programs in the hope of helping those who admit to their problem. There has been a self exclusion program to which a gambler that has recognized that he or she has a problem can elect to be barred from their local casinos. To start the process they must complete a form and provide a picture that will then be distributed to the security staff who will in turn stop them from accessing the casino in the future. This in turn could actually lead to an arrest for the gambler as they will be classed as a trespasser.

It came as quite a surprise when the Golden Eagle Casino close to Horton Kansas has called a halt to its exclusion program. The casino has now decided to end the exclusion program as they are finding it too difficult to manage. The reason being for the end of the program is the difficulty in identifying a determined gambler, and that the casino does not want to be held liable if they fail to stop them.

The Golden Eagle Casino has been clear that in no way it wants to encourage gamblers with a problem to come back to the casino. However, they have advised all people who are currently registered with the program, that they will no longer be held responsible for stopping them entering their casino. The Kansas Coalition that was set up to deal with Problem Gambling is absolutely determined to stamp out any other casinos from following the Golden Eagle’s lead and is actively working with the casino to reign them back under the self exclusion program. There have been raised voices over the letters that were sent to self excluded gamblers as many feel this was open encouragement to these ex-gamblers to come to the casino.

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