Online Gaming Safety

When you’re using online casino gambling sites, you need to watch out for more than just poker strategies. Regrettably, there are an abundance of people out there who would be more than happy to fleece you while you play. Even seasoned competitors occasionally get taken on online gambling sites. For example, in 2009, the news program 60 Minutes did an expose on a very prominent online poker site that was hacked. The strike was carried out by an ex-site-employee who was familiar with every part of the site, and many professional-level competitors lost money. That was a unique case, however, because the site proprietor had no notion what was going on. In that case, even people who are diligent and careful wouldn’t have been able to discover the issue.

Thankfully, not every potentially detrimental playing experience is so well hidden. Knowing what to look for can make a big difference. That’s why you should go onto any Internet gambling site armed with the following online gambling safety:

See whether the site stands behind its interactions
First, make sure the site or its owners are paid members of the Interactive Gaming Council (IGC). IGC members pledge to follow a code of ethics, so you’ll know they have at least been vetted.

Look for professionalism
If you come across a site that doesn’t look professional, don’t play there. Unprofessional construction could indicate that a quick-buck artist or cash-strapped operator run the site. If that’s the case, your cash could be gone with the wind before you even know what happened.

Make sure the site offers appropriate assistance
Don’t register with a site that doesn’t have 24/7 service with both a toll-free phone number and a support e-mail address. And you might want to contact their customer service team before you register, to see how long it takes to respond and how well they answer a test query.

Test to make sure site transactions go efficiently
If a site passes these first three requirements, conduct a few small-scale test transactions before you do any significant gambling.

Following these recommendations could help reveal major flaws, so do yourself a favor and pay heed to each one. They may help you dodge a major bullet. Remember, there’s lot’s of competition out there when it comes to Internet gaming sites, so just move on to the next one if you don’t like what you see.

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