Elottery Syndicate: A Beneficial Option for You

Often in the UK and the US, lotteries are played in syndicates to increase the chances of winning. Playing as a syndicate means forming a group and buying tickets for the entire group while registering the team as a single entity. As a result, more the number of tickets more are the chances of winning the pot. The winning amount is usually equally shared between all members of the syndicate. Elottery syndicate gives you a very good chance of winning both the UK lotto and the Euromillions. It was first launched in 2002 and over the years has grown up to be a very popular syndicate and other syndicates like the El Gordo and the Spanish lottery syndicate have joined hands with it. 

Playing the UK lottery in an elottery syndicate gives you a huge advantage, which you will never have if you play individually or in your own groups. The advantage is that your 6th number always remain fixed and known and thus this almost multiplies your chances of winning the pot by almost seven times. A seven multiple means your odds of winning is brought down to 1 in 1.9 million from 1 in 14 million-just imagine that! Such low odds will surely give you the zest to come and join elottery syndicate. If the UK lottery was played with elottery syndicates only then the chances of winning the elottery will be increased to 25 people rather than the average of 1 person per week which is prevalent now. 

You can ring in the cash counters when you are playing the Euromillions with your elottery syndicate. As in the UK lottery, here playing in a elottery syndicate gives you a secret advantage. The advantage is that your two lucky stars are assured in each draw. In such a case your chances of winning gets multiplied 33 times and your odds come down to 1 in 3 from 1 in 103! Now, you have got to admit that is amazing! If everybody knew this secret and played in an elottery syndicate then almost 52 people will win the Euromillions per week. However, fortunately not everyone knows it and you are among the few to know it. So do not waste your time. Join an elottery syndicate and start winning! 

Playing in the elottery syndicate is also helpful for the El Gordo and the Spanish lottery and here the elottery syndicate has been a new addition. El Gordo is the world’s richest lottery and thus, opening an elottery syndicate here can be quite beneficial for you.

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