Basic Slot Strategies

Determine a particular strategy for the slot machines in your area can be particularly tricky at times, but at the same time if you figure out exactly how to strategize your way to success at the free slots that are available, you will be able to use the exact same strategy you used when you were in a play free slots mode in the play real slots mode of the same online casino.

A basic strategy that everyone should use when dealing with slot machines is to play with the maximum number of coins possible per hand. With conventional slot machines, this strategy will ensure that you get the best odds possible per spin while with video slot machines it will not only ensure that, but it will also make sure that you have the maximum pay lines open to you. This is very important as there is no point in coming up with other strategies if the mathematical basis you are using is not the optimal one for your particular situation. This is why all slot strategies, regardless of what they preach, must start from the basis of using the maximum number of coins. If you can’t afford the maximum number of coins, go down to the lower coin denomination. A five coin maximum at $0.01 per coin is much better than one coin at $0.05, even though they represent the same amount of money.

Another strategy you might want to try is to observe which slot machines tend to get played the least. This can be done with observation at offline casinos and statistics at online casinos. Chances are the casino will give those slot machines the highest payout percentages in order to make their averages look good, but if you play those slot machines you will get the best odds. This strategy does require some footwork however, so don’t use it lightly.

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